- May 14,  2013 -

Welcome to the dark side of www.ordnungspolizei.org.
Happy Birthday Israel!
65 years ago, a new history began
and an old dream was realized

- May 06, 2013 -
Welcome to the dark side of www.ordnungspolizei.org.
                                            Breaking News
From reliable sources we learn that Israeli government has decided to provide street lighting for free
to the people of Damascus.
President Assad has confirmed that this act of goodwill, will throw light down in the tunnel of bilateral relations between Syria and Israel.
The first delivery has already been done.
In the next days, further supplies will follow on-demand.


- March 2013 - 
Welcome to the dark side of www.ordnungspolizei.org.
  marina militare4


We have received the incredible news that our Marines, just arrived to Italy,  have accepted to return to India, following a political decision cowardly taken by the Italian so-called Prime Minister, Mr. Mario Monti.

We confirm total solidarity to our soldiers Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone and, on the contrary, we express utter revulsion for this shameful decision. Once agains, the military honor shines, in front of the felony of the bureaucrats and politicians.


   Monti2    Girone latorre 2BIS


Mario Monti:

Political Shame


Salvatore Girone, Massimiliano Latorre:

Military Honor

- February 2013 -
Welcome to the dark side of www.ordnungspolizei.org.
In order to reply to several questions posted in the past weeks to my email address, concerning:
ORDNUNGSPOLIZEI - Encyclopedia of the German police battalions, September 1939 - July 1942
ORDNUNGSPOLIZEI - Ideological war and Genocide on the East front, 1941 - 1942
I inform you that I have no more contacts with the publisher of my books and, consequently, I'm not in condition to furnish any informations concerning the availability & the status of the books. So pls, try to contact the publisher directly.
However, by intellectual honesty, I cannot avoid to inform you about the only news I have about this matter; for this reason I publish the mail that the publisher Leandoer & Eckholm has trasmitted some weeks ago (around January 1, 2013), to his various collaborators:

"The company as it is today,  will cease to exist 2 months into the new year.

Don´t panic. It is all part of a plan. We have gotten too many debts and sales of books this year has been frankly speaking, catastrophical compared to our normal standards.

Some books has been delayed too much.


I am starting a new company in January that will take over all existing books, inventory and contracts from the old one. This means a new VAT number for me and that is the secret to the solution.

Existing contracts might need to be resigned with the new company.

The new company will have one main owner, me. So I will call all shots.

All of this will of course have implications for everyone:


There will be a delay in releases of new books

There will be a delay in payments. All smaller sums will be paid ASAP but the bigger ones will have to wait.

I will need to get the payments done as close as possible to the release of the book the payment is about.

After April things will settle more as we will be released from 2 big debts by then.

    corone svedesi

We will cut costs all along the line. Many debts will just simply stop to exist once we kill this company.

The general idea is to survive right now, book market is not looking bright at the moment so I need big sellers quickly.


Anyway most will be status Quo for you.


Andreas Leandoer

Leandoer & Ekholm Förlag

Box 9034

S-12650 Hägersten

In other words, the creditors of Leforlag have kindly discovered that most of their claims "will just simply stop to exist".
We'd be curious to know their opinion...

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