- July 7, 2013 -
Welcome to the dark side of www.ordnungspolizei.org.
According to international humanitarian orgs
the death toll of syrian civil war rose up to
 - 90.000 -
I admit, I would be literally dismayed,
if only the situation has not been
Side A: the defending champion
Freak 4 The Shabiha death squads Assad institutional death squads & mafia
Freak 1 Basiji Fanatic theocratic Iranian pasdarans
Freak 2 Hezbollah Hezbollah's islamofascist Shi'ite militias
Freak 3 Iraqi-shiite thugs Radical Iraqi Shia thugs


-------Vs. versus Vs. versus Vs. versus VS. versus Vs. versus Vs.-------


Side B: the challenger
Freak 5 Al Qaida Al Quaida terrorist gangs
Freak 6 Hamas Hamas integralist Sunni militiamen
Freak 7 Jihadist Fanatic jihadists from all over the world
Freak 8 Salafist Al Nusra pro-Sharia Salafists cutthroats
Consequently, dear old friends,
should we stop
such a marvelous


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