Video section 2: from the ashes (1948 - 2013)

In this section you'll find several video concerning various units of the Israeli Special Forces, freely taken from You Tube.
The aim of this page is to offer a complete range of infos concerning the units - already depicted in pics and text - as well as to pay tribute to the resistance of the Jewish ghettos, whose legacy has evolved over time, in the Israeli Defence Forces.
Special Feature
Commemorating the 65th anniversary of the foundation of the State of Israel - May 14, 1949/May 14, 2013. A video that traces the tragic and glorious history of the People of Israel, from the Shoah to the independence, and from the survival wars until the present day.
                                                                       Cattura Birthday
  Israel, 65th anniversary
Cattura Nachshon 
Nachshon - IPS 
  Cattura Egoz  Sayeret Egoz      Cattura Maglan2  Sayeret Maglan      Cattura Yamam  Unità Yamam
 Cattura Givati 
Palsar Givati 
Cattura Yachmam
Unità Yachmam
Cattura Yahalom
Sayeret Yahalom
Cattura Duvdevan
 Cattura Matkal 
Sayeret Mat'kal 
 Cattura Shaldag2 
Yehidat Shaldag
Cattura Golani 
Palsar Golani
 Cattura 669 
Unità 669 - SAR
Cattura 8200
Unità 8200
Cattura Nahal
Palsar Nahal
Cattura Yamas
Unità Yamas
Cattura Tzanhanim
Palsar Tzanhanim
Cattura Palsar7
 Palsar 7
Cattura Rimon
Sayeret Rimon
Cattura Shayetet
Cattura Lotar
Lotar Eilat
Cattura Super Special Super Special Forces
 Cattura Metsada2
Metsada IPS
Cattura Matilan  Unità Matilan
Cattura Yagal
Unità Yagal
Cattura 504Unit 504 (6154)   Cattura KidonMossad Kidon    Cattura YasamUnità Yasam     


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